EnerTOp is an EnerCoRD department for computational tools for the optimisation of Energy Systems.

EnerTOp bridges the gap between the energy industry needs for computational tools and the know-how of the scientific community of academia and industry.

EnerTOp focuses on

  • Researching computational tools / methods for their application in energy systems
  • Developing computational tools for energy systems especially in the niche areas of uncertainty (stochastic), robust optimization and unit commitment
  • Consulting on energy systems modelling and computational tools

Through high involvement with industryactive research and highly skilled key experts, EnerTOp pro-acts in the field of state of the art computational tools development for the energy industry enabling EnerTOp to offer high level consulting on energy systems.

EnerTOp's operation methodology

combines the close contact and follow up of the clients needs to actively:

  • Author and edit and publish in books and journals
  • Organise and participate in conferences
  • Direct and participate in PhDs and Post Docs
  • Lecture academic and industrial courses
  • Manage a pool of high level key experts coming both from academia and industry